List of Best NBA Players:

1. LeBron James

LeBron James is the best overall player in the league by a long shot. He can do everything at a very high level. Also he has proven that he is very durable and athletic for his strength. Even though he is playing with very talented teammates, he still has a lot of workload as he’s averaging 38 min per game. There is not much else to say, LeBron is the best player in the league currently.

2. Anthony Davis

Fear the brow! Anthony Davis is a leader in double-doubles and is a block machine. He has a very high number of blocks but his statistics are even more modest than they look. He covers a lot of ground and alters many shots because of his size and blocking ability. Also he is gradually getting bigger in size and becoming a better offensive player. Some people might think it’s absurd that I put him at number 2, but if you look at his stats or watch him play, you understand.

3. Chris Paul

CP3 is also a leader in double-doubles consistently because of his assists. He continues to be a superior leader on the court while maintaining to still be elite. Also he takes care of the ball better than anyone in the league as he rarely turns the ball over. Even though he is a more experienced leader than Anthony Davis, he is not as well rounded. It’s mostly due to height constraints however he still deserves to be at number 3.

4. James Harden

James Harden is turning out to be a top scorer in the league. He is a very aggressive shooter and gets to the free throw line frequently. Also he is not afraid to take the last shot and is proven to be good under pressure. Oh, and also he is proficient at assists and rebounds. I would put him above Chris Paul if he didn’t turn the ball over as much and had a higher FG%.

5. Russell Westbrook

Probably the best guard in transition because he is tremendously fast and athletic. He is also able to get to the free throw line very easy and shoots at a high percentage from the charity stripe. His last 5 games he has been shooting over 50%. Russell is also an excellent defender who can dish out the ball and rebound. He obviously can score too. People hate when Russell gets out of hand with his play, but if he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t be the great player he is today. Defenders’ fear his random explosiveness. I know I’ll get a lot of arguments for this one, but Russell is my number 5 this year.

6. Damian Lillard

This young man is number 6 on my list. He has a lot of guts for his age and always wants to take the last shot. It is because he is one of the most clutch players in the league. He is a high-end scorer that just plain knows how to play the game of basketball. He is a terrific three-point shooter who can assist the rock. He just seems to keep getting better and better. I put him behind Westbrook because even though his rebounding is up this year, he is not as good as a rebounder as Westbrook.

7. Stephen Curry

This is another guy who can make it rain. He can really put up points when he is on his game. Curry is automatic from the free throw line too. It is also obvious that he shoots the three-ball at a high percentage and he’s not afraid to pull it up from a couple feet beyond the arc. The reason I put him behind Lillard is because he sometimes lacks effort on the defensive end, even though he does get a high amount of steals. It just seems he’s not going 100% on D all the time.

8. Kevin Durant

This guy would obviously be a lot higher if he wasn’t injured. I put him at #8 because it is always a mystery whether a big man will come back and play at the same level KD is use too. I think he will. I am just not totally sure because history proves that big men don’t handle injuries well. There are exceptions however, and I really do think he will be one of them. Again, because he is injured, he’s #8 on my list.

9. Rajon Rondo

This guy may complain a lot but he has a burning desire to win. He can have a triple double any given night. Also he is on the rise because he just got traded to a potential championship team. Rajon Rondo is underrated once again because he is not receiving much attention for how dominant he is. He is dominant not only because of his athleticism, but his IQ is also off the roof.

10. Kobe Bryant

The Black Mamba continues to dominate in the NBA. These days he has been doing it somewhat quietly. He is a scoring leader and also a proven team leader. People constantly talk about his age but he still plays a ton of minutes. Let’s just say he has to because his team isn’t as good as teams the Lakers had in the past. Regardless he squeezed in my top ten.